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Natali N. Edmonds, PsyD, ABPP | Board Certified Geropsychologist
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Caring For Someone With Dementia Doesn't Have To Be This Hard.

In this virtual training, you'll learn how to: ⤵︎

Key #1: 
Find Joy When Someone you Love has Dementia and your Life is Completely Different Than you Ever Imagined
You don't have to suffer through "The Long Goodbye." Learn how to create joyful memories for you and your loved one- even if you feel things have been miserable up until this point.
Key #2: 
Successfully Respond to Difficult Behaviors - Even When The Person Doesn't Want Your Help
Does it feel like your loved one pushes back against all of your attempts to help them? That's common in dementia, but you don't have to keep guessing at what will work. You can follow a clear and simple system instead.
Key #3: 
Get Expert Dementia Advice Without Having to Wait Months for the Answers you Need Right Now
Families wait months for an appointment to get answers to challenging caregiving situations only to find the healthcare provider doesn't have the time, nor the knowledge to help. Learn what you can do instead.

I joined this program early because I saw what other caregivers were experiencing and I wanted to avoid a crisis. Learning through the live Q & A's has helped me feel prepared and confident in my ability to handle challenges."

-Toni, Careblazer to her mom

"I have patience and understanding since going through this program. In the past, I would lose my temper. My kids even notice how much I've changed. I'm able to respond differently to challenging situations and we don't argue as much."

- Mickey, Careblazer to his wife

"I'm usually skeptical about any online program. But everything in the program is so practical and helpful. It can be applied the day you get it. Having access to others going through it is also amazing. I don't know where I'd be if I didn't join."

- Sue, Careblazer to her husband

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It's hard to dedicate so much time and effort to give care to someone who may not understand or even believe they help. 

It's even harder when no one has taken the time to let you know what actually works -and what tends to makes things worse.


Getting a brochure or booklet on dementia and being sent home with an appointment to return in one year isn’t good enough. 

Getting a 20 minute follow-up appointment 6 months away isn’t good enough. 

Our healthcare systems and our healthcare providers have to do more.


For the past 13 years, I've worked for a large hospital system where the amount of time I could spend, how often I could see the patient, and what I was able to talk about was determined by my supervisors and not by the need of the patient. That is NOT good care. 


Ny name is Dr. Natali Edmonds. I'm one of the few board-certified geropsychologists in the country. I've spent 13 years of my life working for a large hospital system. I saw that I wasn't able to give the care that my patients and their families deserved. So I left.

That's why I created a place where dementia caregivers all over the world could get access to trustworthy dementia information without having to leave their home.

My trainings have been viewed over 9 million times and are actively followed by over 110,000 dementia caregivers. 


For the time being, I've decided to put together this free video training as a way to share more specific information on how to make a difference in your caregiving experience. 
I hope you'll decide to set aside some time to watch. This is a recorded training so you don't have to adjust your schedule to attend anything live. 

I believe in you,
Dr. Natali

Here's What A Few of Our Careblazers are Saying:

"Once I started looking at everything available to me, it was like a lightbulb went on. The information was realistic and heart-felt. It's given me more direction in how to help my mom and know when I'm with her we can do fun stuff. The program helped me make a decision to change the way I approach my time with my mom. It's improved the quality of the time I have with her. The program was able to answer questions I had that hadn't been properly answered before by others. I looked at the content and was pleased it was so diverse and offered so many topics and issues. I learned so much." - Martha

"I initially didn't want to pay money to join a program because I've worked in the mental health field. I kind of felt like I knew all the answers. I was really resisting it. But I knew things were only going to get worse and I was feeling really down. I felt like my life was on hold, but your course has given me my life back and reminded me to look after myself and keep planning for the future. The support groups have given me hope. The live Q & A's are amazing. The Care Course got me motivated again and enthusiastic. Give it a go. You've only got one life. If you want to make the most out of the time with your loved one. This is an excellent way to do that." - Amanda

"I felt like I was drowning and this was my life saver. There's this network of support. We have each other to talk to. It's made all the difference for me.  If I have something I'm really concerned about I know I can send it to Dr. Natali for help. But I'm going to learn no matter who is asking what question. I can handle all the crises. It's given me the knowledge and foundation that I need to be able to help my mom. Had I not found this program, I don't know if I would've survived." - Dawn

"I think so often of my dark days and how every night I'd listen to your videos & classes. I'm once again experiencing happiness. I have joy. I have peace. I'll always hold the name Dr. Natali and your program as one so very special."

-Tom, Careblazer to his wife

"When I first started I was as tight as a string about to pop. Now my husband said I'm so much calmer and there's such a difference in how I'm handling things. I feel it. Having this community is a life-line pulling me back to solid ground."

- Dawn, Careblazer to her mom

"I needed the help. I was losing my patience and yelling a lot. I couldn't imagine treating someone that way so I knew I had to do something different. I now have peace of mind, am more calm, and no longer yell at him."

- Beverly, Careblazer to her husband

Who Is This Training For?

This online virtual training is helpful whether your loved one has been recently diagnosed with dementia or whether you've been caring for them for years.

New to Caregiving

  • Set yourself up for success by avoiding common mistakes
  • Maintain and foster a positive relationship with your loved one
  • ​Know what to expect and how to prepare

Caregiving For A While

  • Learn to avoid doing the things making caregiving harder
  • Revive any strain and tension in your relationship 
  • Start to take steps toward feeling more like yourself again
This page was made with love and hope that the information can make your caregiving journey a bit easier. It is not intended to be healthcare advice. Please consult your loved one's healthcare provider for specific recommendations for your situation.
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