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Great Dementia Care Is More Than A Diagnosis and Medication...

Most people know the importance of a primary care provider in dementia care...

Some people may even know the importance of a neurologist in dementia care...

But did you know there are MANY other amazing and helpful dementia specialists that can improve the quality of life for the person with dementia? 

There is actual help that goes beyond just a diagnosis and medication!

This has to do with taking a look at what your loved one with dementia needs help with AND what types of professionals exist  that can provide that help. 

In fact, some of the MOST HELPFUL services for people with dementia have nothing to do with medications and quick office visits. 

They have to do with looking at the areas that the person with dementia needs help with and identifying the specialist that can help in those areas. 

This has to do with increasing independence, quality of life, and functioning of the person with dementia. 

Knowing the different types of specialists can help you request a referral or bring it up with the PCP at the next office visit to ensure that anything that CAN help your person with dementia is pursued.

...And by the way, there is usually A LOT that can be done to help someone with dementia. 

I'm so excited to bring this special series on BUILDING YOUR DEMENTIA CARE DREAM TEAM!
💖, Dr. Natali


Mary, Occupational Therapist
Bridget, Social Worker
Emily, Medicare Fiduciary
Arwa, Physical Therapist
Molly, Nutritionist
Adria, Speech Language Pathologist
Jane Allison, Elder Law Attorney

We start Wednesday, September 14th! 
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